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Did you ever stop to wonder about the water you use everyday? From cooking and cleaning, to bathing and drinking, water is an integral part of our lives. At the Niagara Falls Water Board, it's our job to ensure you have access to clean, safe drinking water-water you can trust. Read more about us...

  • FLOOD DAMAGE: For information on what to do about flood damage Click Here.
  • Department of Health: Guidelines for Sewage in Basement Cleanup

    The Niagara Falls Water Board is an active member of the Western New York Stormwater Coalition, an association of several Erie County and Niagara County communities who pool their resources to achieve proper management of their stormwater. For more information on coalition activities, and opportunities for you to use stormwater as a resource, click here : WNY Stormwater Coalition


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    Meter Change Out Program

  • Niagara Gazette : Water Board to Begin Meter Replacement
  • NFWB : Notice: Meter Change Out Program
  • NFWB : Cayuga Island Meter Program
  • NFWB : Meter Change Out FAQ

    Niagara Falls Water Leaks as of April 8, 2014


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    Water Back-Up of Sewer and Drains: Homeowners insurance policies may not provide coverage for property damage related to water back-up of sewers and drains. The NFWB suggests that customers check with their respective insurance agent or carrier for information specific to their insurance policy coverage


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    Think you have a water leak?Most water meters have a small, red diamond known as a low flow indicator. This indicator spins if the slightest amount of water flows through the meter. To check for a leak, shut off all the water inside and outside your home. When you're sure everything's off, check the indicator. If it's spinning, you most likely have a leak-and it's time to call a plumber. Want advice on more topics like "how to read your meter" or "what to do if you have water pressure problems"? Check out our Customer Resource Center...


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    For our residential and business customers, the Niagara Falls Water Board provides safe potable water, collects and treats wastewater, ensures adherence to regulations, and strives to improve the infrastructure that we may supply our consumers with security and satisfaction. Learn more...